The Guardians of Fallcrest

What happened so far.

A brief history of the Guardians

My name is Fergus Smit. I am a Human Cleric of Bahamut at the Church of Pelor in Fallcrest. I will be narrating this Adventure log becauseI am the leader of the Guardians of Fallcrest: my good friend and colleague, Scar Smithia; my friend Fluffy Bunny-Tail; and my closest ally, Falin M’or. We would protect each other through thick and thin. But a greater threat has threatened the Nentir Vale, and possibly the Natural World and beyond. An Evil born thousands of years ago, worshipped by the Yuan-Ti before being long forgotten. But around the time of my generation, Sertrous was remembered by a group of Yuan-Ti, the Vanguard of Sertrous, who planned to revive him. At that time, it was just me, Scar and Fluffy. Grundelmar told us to bust a group of Robbers. Than, Falin tagged along, having just left her wizard master. She agreed to accompany us and would eventually become our closest ally. We would eventually find a tomb after defeating the Robbers, which lead to us finding the Yuan-Ti Xeron and his Vanguard, in the process I got the King’s sword Merthuvial. The Yuan-Ti were trying to revive a Dead King, Theron’s bones and put Sertrous’s spiritual form in it. We defeated Xeron and tracked down the rest of the Van Guard underground. With the help of an information broker, Es Sarch, we found the Van Guard’s HQ, only to tremble at the Wrath of a reborn Sertrous. We managed to escape and made our way back to Fallcrest. We eventually found out that around the same time, the Baron of Therund was under the control. THe full synopsis of our adventures is a separate article told in third person. But right now, we are underground, without Falin, trying to stop an Evil Drow Matron and a Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye. Our final battle with Sertrous is approaching every minute and we are forced to help the Matron.



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